Drift to sleep

Soft, breathable, light blocking

Relief for stress and tension

Perfectly weighted for relaxation

Slip in your pillow for sweet dreams

Distinctive Perfume Candles for an Intimate Atmosphere

Transform a Room With Enchanting Aromas

Luxuriously Perfumed Sachets in Our Signature Vetiver

Perfume Candle

Set the mood, keep the mood, change the mood.

Our distinctive perfume candles capture the wonderful scents of elizabethW perfumes, providing an intimate background for your home.  If you seek uncluttered, yet sophisticated scents, our candles will warm to you. Take one into the bathroom, along with your favorite elizabethW bath products and create your own home spa.

These hand-poured candles and letterpress boxes are crafted in our studio. Eco-friendly, the candle is made from 100% renewable soy (vegetable) wax, with a paper core, cotton wick and reusable glass.

Vetiver Candle
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Vetiver Candle $ 40.00
Cucumber Candle
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Cucumber Candle $ 36.00
Lavender Candle
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Lavender Candle $ 36.00
Lilac Candle
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Lilac Candle $ 36.00
Tuberose Candle
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Tuberose Candle $ 36.00
Té Candle
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Té Candle $ 40.00
Magnolia Candle
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Magnolia Candle $ 40.00
Rose Candle
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Rose Candle $ 40.00
Leaves Candle
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Leaves Candle $ 36.00