Drift to Sleep With These Snoozy Aromas

Soft, Breathable, and Light-Blocking

Warm or Cool Relief for Stress and Tension

Perfectly Weighted for Gentle Relaxation

Slip Under Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Distinctive Perfume Candles for an Intimate Atmosphere

Transform a Room With Enchanting Aromas

Luxuriously Perfumed Sachets in Our Signature Vetiver

Body Cream

Smell incredible, feel fresh, and look fabulous. Richly thick and intensely hydrating, elizabethW creams absorb well to leave a silky, not greasy sensation. Perfect for the hands or body, they are truly nourishing when rubbed into the skin.

Each cream has vital nutrients and vitamins, for a radiant and luxurious texture.   Vitamin E and shea butter are added for their especially strong antioxidant and emollient properties. Together they battle to protect body cells and tissues as well as moisturize the skin to enhance its smoothness.

ElizabethW creams are prized not only for their performance, but also their exceptional scents. Dip into fragranced creams admired for their single note strengths and sophisticated, alluring accents.