Drift off to Sleep

Soft, Breathable, Light Blocking

Relief for Stress and Tension

Perfectly Weighted for Relaxation

Slip in Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Slip in Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Transform a Room With Enchanting Aromas

Luxuriously Perfumed Sachets in Our Signature Vetiver

Bar Soap

ElizabethW triple milled soaps are creamy and nutritious, decadent and beautiful, and long-lasting.  In their quality and their aromas, they reflect the traditions of the great perfume houses of Europe.  Each bar is particularly gentle, with its pure plant-based formula, enriched with shea butter, sea algae, and vitamins A and E.  

The sumptuous lather helps cleanse, protect, and nourish the skin.  Every fragrance is distinct and alluring, leaving a delicate, delectable trace that lingers, but does not overwhelm.

Why triple milled?  It’s the best bar we can find.  Made with less water and more real soap, it makes for a superior, richer lathering, harder bar, that won’t go soft in the soap dish after a couple of uses.

All bar soaps come in letterpress packaging, crafted in small batch production in the elizabethW print studio.