Drift off to Sleep

Soft, Breathable, Light Blocking

Relief for Stress and Tension

Perfectly Weighted for Relaxation

Slip in Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Slip in Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Transform a Room With Enchanting Aromas

Luxuriously Perfumed Sachets in Our Signature Vetiver

Body Lotion

elizabethW lotion with Shea butter melts into the skin to provide lasting hydration, leaving a silky texture and a delicate fragrance. It is a lighter alternative to our cream, and comes in a variety of spectacular scents.

Filled with superbly nourishing ingredients, this milky lotion maintains the skin’s optimal moisture level and pH balance, supporting natural defenses that protect against external dirt and drying environments.

Shea butter is a natural ingredient with excellent protecting and emollient properties. As a natural anti-oxidant, it helps capillary circulation, increasing tissue re-oxygenation. As a moisturizing agent, it helps the lotion penetrate deep into the skin to give back its elasticity and suppleness.