Nourishing and mollifying with jojoba and sweet almond oils

Perfumed oil therapy from elizabethW

Add luxury to your body care routine with elizabethW Body Oils. They leave skin silky-smooth and smelling great. Each is formulated with a nourishing and mollifying botanical blend of safflower, jojoba,and sweet almond oils. Apply to damp skin for a rich, healthy glow.

Wet, lather, scrub, rinse, dry.

Regular hand washing is a great way to help stay healthy and prevent the spread of germs. Elevate your 20+ second cleansing routine with one of our essential oil infused Hand Washes or triple milled Bar Soaps.

While soap and water effectively rinse away grime and dirt, frequent hand washing can irritate the skin. Protect your hands by applying our 7% Shea Butter Cream immediately after washing and drying your hands.

Keep hands refreshed and delightfully scented at home and away. Our Clean Hand Sprays are formulated with 70% alcohol. Blended with natural aromas from essential oils and fruit extracts.  

ElizabethW speaks to the individual, not the masses. 

Using traditional methods and the most precious ingredients and materials, we handcraft goods for bath, body, and home.