Need a good night’s sleep?

If the limelight you bask in during the day is interrupting your sweet dreams, here's the solution.  We at elizabethW have perfected the SLEEP MASK to make sleep better, worldwide.

Sewn by artisans in our studio by the Bay, our masks are made with an exclusive 3-ply construction technique. A limelight blocking layer of breathable felt is sandwiched between a sumptuous layer of 16 momme, sueded silk and finished with a top layer of silk or wool.  An unobtrusive, narrow band of stretch velvet keeps the slightly over-sized mask in place.  "Why over-sized?" you may ask.  After extensive testing we discovered the best size and shape to block out unwanted light and to keep in dreamy sleep.
Get one today and sleep better tonight.


Gifts $50 and Under

Holiday Candle & Fizz Set

Set contains either a Cranberry Ginger Candle or a Citrus Spice Candle and four fizz balls, on each Citrus Spice, Cranberry Ginger, Honey, and Mint.

Redwoods Set

Set contains Redwoods Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, and Bar of Soap.

Tranquility Set

Set contains a silk Hot/Cold Pack and Eye Pillow.

Vetiver Trio Set

Set contains Vetiver Body Lotion, 2 fl oz Eau de Parfum, and Triple Milled Bath Bar Soap.


Made in the USA since 1995. ElizabethW speaks to the individual, not the masses.  Using traditional methods and the most precious ingredients and materials, we handcraft goods for bath, body, and home.