Drift to Sleep With These Snoozy Aromas

Soft, Breathable, and Light-Blocking

Warm or Cool Relief for Stress and Tension

Perfectly Weighted for Gentle Relaxation

Slip Under Your Pillow for Sweet Dreams

Distinctive Perfume Candles for an Intimate Atmosphere

Transform a Room With Enchanting Aromas

Luxuriously Perfumed Sachets in Our Signature Vetiver

Purely Essential

Inspired by summers spent on Elizabeth's ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Purely Essential Collection is nature at its very best.  Lavender, Mint|Rosemary, Cucumber, and Eucalyptus nature-inspired fragrances are made with essential oils and plant extracts.  The shea butter creams and lotions have no added parabens, the candles are made with renewable soy wax, and the salts sourced locally. The recycled craft packaging is made in house on restored Heidelberg letterpresses.